Water features will accentuate your Ultimate Pools pool

As you can see from the pictures on this website, an Ultimate Pools pool is more than a body of water to swim in. Our pools are not only meant to be a lush backyard oasis, but also eye-catching conversation starters. A great way to get your neighbors and friends talking is by adding some water features to your pool.

While waterfalls are the feature most identified with swimming pools, there are many other ways to go in that department. Below is a breakdown of some of the most popular water features available with Ultimate Pools pools. Even if you don’t want water features right away, be sure to plan for them during the installation process. As detailed in this article, it’s less expensive to get the necessary drainage at the beginning than down the road.

waterfall feature 2

The main types of water features

Waterfalls: Waterfalls are the most common water feature that we deal with and are often a default addition to any new swimming pool. Think about it: What’s more relaxing than watching a steady stream of water cascade down from a set of rocks? We set up the waterfall construction by building a pad while we’re in the process of shooting gunite that juts out away from the pool. That pad allows us to build dramatic rock features for the water to flow over.

While moss rock is the traditional base for a waterfall, they can also be constructed with granite, patio stone, and other rocks for a fee.

Weeping walls: A weeping wall is a bit different than a waterfall, as the water trickles out of the rocks and down into the pool. Therefore, you don’t need to have a pad built in upon installation.

The type of rocks used for weeping walls vary. We usually use moss rock because it’s the most abundant and affordable rock, but we’ve installed weeping walls with all sorts of rock. We’ve had customers use granite pieces and even have had customers specially order rock from North Dakota. If you’re willing to track it down and pay for it, it’ll be installed!

Sheer descents: Instead of the weeping or unevenly falling water, a sheer descent triggers a solid, thin sheet of water. The sheer descent mechanism is a plastic molded piece that is built into a wall or stone that will create the single, unbroken sheer of water. Sheer descents can be paired with colored lights to add a glitzy vibe.

Other great options

Sconces: A sconce is a statue or a heading that sends out one small stream of water. Check out the lions in this picture of an older pool we built. People use a variety of decorative sconces like this interesting elephant one. We work with Pentair to supply sconces, which can be adhered to the wall and are weather-resistant, and other water features.

Mini-jets: If you want to shoot single streams of water without a decorative sconce, then get some mini-jets. You can set up the jets, which are also known as pea shooters, from the side of the pool or the deck to add a bit of flair.

Luminaires: Luminaires mix light with water streams, as LED lights combine with the stream to provide a color explosion. You can affix luminaires to pea shooters along the deck or to underwater streams to add pizzazz. Mix the light with water and air to provide a colorful, geyser effect in your swimming pool.

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