Decks: The process and what to consider

A few weeks ago, we talked about having a couple of posts on decking. Well, after a detour to deal with heat and algae, we’re back and ready to talk about decks. Just in case you missed it, be sure to check out the article on the suppliers we work with. Join us on this adventure after that.

Just like anything else, there are many type of decks to consider. Once you decide on the size and placement of your deck, you have to figure out what kind of deck you want.

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Basic types of decks

Brush concrete: A lot of decks have a concrete base, and there are multiple concrete options. The default option is brushed concrete, which is simply brushing concrete with a specialized broom after it’s poured to create a smooth surface. Brushed concrete is cost-effective.

Exposed aggregate: This is next on the price scale. Also known as pea gravel, exposed aggregate is a concrete surface that exposes elements such as granite and rocks for a classy look. Exposed aggregate is cooler on the feet than brushed concrete. It can be tougher to walk on, but troweling the surface will smooth it out to make it easy on the feet and the eyes.

Salt finish: This is brushed concrete with a twist. As the concrete is drying, rock salt is poured onto the concrete and troweled. After the troweling, the surface is washed. The water from that washing dissolves the salt, leaving an earthy surface that’s similar to exposed aggregate. Add color to this finish at extra cost.

Spray deck: A spray deck is a way to limit the heat soaking in your deck. Once you’ve laid your concrete, “spray” it with an acrylic surface. Not only does it add color and prevent heat even when topped with a sealer, it doesn’t whittle or crack with foot traffic.

More specialized decks

Stained concrete: This is a versatile deck design where concrete is distressed and can be cut into different designs and patterns for an eye-catching look. The pieces of a stained concrete deck can be cut into different shapes and stained various colors.

Stamped concrete: This is a good option for artsy types. This type of concrete allows for different colors, patterns, and even well-placed cracks in the surface. You can use powder for coloring effects and stencils for designs that will add pizzazz to your deck once it dries. It can mimic flagstone and wood to bring out the artistic nature of your deck even more.

Pavers: While concrete is the default deck surface, pavers are also an attractive option. There are two main pavers that we work with — cement pavers and stone pavers, which are also known as travertine. Unlike concrete, pavers are made of interlocking parts that have flexibility. Instead of cracking, pavers have a base that can move, expand and contract as needed. This makes them durable and resistant to the elements.

Tile and flagstone: This is another fun option, as you can put ceramic or stone tile on top of the laid concrete for a sturdy attractive look, or add flagstone on top of the concrete surface. There’s a weather barrier applied between the concrete and the tile/stone that serves two purposes. It prevents moisture from seeping up to the surface from the concrete and it prevents the tile from being cracked by tension below the surface.


Putting a sealer on your deck provides a protective, colorful layer, making it resistant to the elements. But it’s something that is typically recommended by the deck construction company and is usually restricted to spray decks and stamped concrete decks. Applying a sealer increases the amount of heat the deck exudes, making it hot to walk on when exposed to sun or hot weather. If this is something you can live with, a sealer can be a worthwhile addition. Sealers bring out the life of stones and also enhance the color of the deck. You can also add a sand/silicone dust mixture to limit slippage on the sealed surface in wet conditions.

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