Pictures from a remodel in The Woodlands

Along with building brand-new swimming pools, we also look to remodel existing swimming pools. Think of remodels like a swimming-pool makeover. Take your old swimming pool, alter it a bit and it’s as good as new. Remodels aren’t easy and aren’t able to be done on every pool, but when they are, they can inject new life into your backyard.

Here are some pictures of a remodel that we did in the Cochran’s Crossing neighborhood in The Woodlands.

The remodel process

Here are some initial photos of what the pool used to look like. Notice the brick coping on the spa and encircling in the first picture and the weathered tile in picture No. 2. The customer was looking to trade the brick coping for flagstone coping and upgrade from the tile, along with getting a plaster facelift. These pictures give you an idea of what we were originally working with.

One of the first things we did was rip out the coping all around the pool and the spa. We also stripped the tile that encircled the hot tub. Here are some pictures of us “doing out with the old.” The first two deal with the coping around the pool while the rest concentrate on the spa.

As mentioned above, we also resurfaced the pool, which included replastering. Notice the holes in the bottom of the pool. They are called weep holes and are essential in surfacing a pool because they don’t allow the shell to “float” away. You can read more on that concept here while enjoying these pictures.

Finishing the remodel

Now that you’ve seen the process, here are the results. As you’ll notice, the brick encircling the pool and the shelf of the spa has been replaced with flagstone, and the weathered tile along the sides is now eye-catching brick. We also added a pretty sturdy rock formation alongside the spa. That goes with a nice plant area alongside the edge of the pool, and we resurfaced the pool with a nice new layer of plaster.

In case you were worried, the spa works just like new. We even tried it out!

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