Rain and Ultimate Pools: Keeping the pool clean

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This is Part Three of our series on rain and moisture and how it affects the pool-building process of Ultimate Pools. To access Parts One and Two, click here.

Thankfully the sun has been out since we’ve last talked about the effects of rain on your Ultimate Pools pool. But anyone who has lived in Southeast Texas for any length of time knows that it can suddenly start raining for a week straight, and the long-term summer forecast still calls for more rain than normal.

We’ve already talked about how rain and moisture affects on the initial dig and the surfacing of the pool, but Mother Nature’s effect on your pool doesn’t stop once the pool is dug, the plaster is surfaced and the pool is filled with water. A good, long shower can throw the pH of your pool off, cause debris to blow onto the surface or sink to the bottom of the pool, or throw off the chlorine levels of the water.

When installing a pool, we offer some services to our customer for a fee that will help with the cleaning of the water and help balance its chemistry. Some of the main items we offer are the IntelliChem System by Pentair and the robotic cleaners from Maytronics, including the Dolphin Supreme M400.

The IntelliChem System is a smart system that constantly monitors the pH and chlorine levels in your pool and has computerized sensors that will trigger the release of chemicals such as chlorine when needed. The IntelliChem constantly analyzes the chemical composition of the water, which can be thrown off quite a bit by a significant rainfall, feeding and balancing the chemical composition of the water to keep your pool ready-to-swim quicker. We prefer this to throwing in chlorine disks or shocking a pool with a sudden explosion of chlorine, which can leave your pool unswimmable for several hours afterward as the chlorine levels slowly fall to a safe level.

The M400 cleaner, and other Dolphin cleaners, are also available for a fee. These cleaners are dual-motorized and run across the surface underwater while using five brushes to scrub the surface. This is done to not only clean dirt and debris from the bottom and sides of your pool, but also to dislodge phosphates from rock and tile that can turn to algae if left unaltered. Algae is one of the biggest side effects of rain and is a subject which we’ll delve into more in next week’s blog entry.

While the computerized IntelliChem System and the motorized Maytronics cleaners take care much of the aftereffects that come from a sudden Southeast Texas rainstorm or a day of steady showers, the homeowner also has a couple things they should do to help get the pool back into tip-top swimming shape.

  • Scrub your pool: The Dolphin cleaners will suck up and process a lot of the debris, but the process is a lot more effective when you scrub the sides of the pool with a brush. Scrubbing helps dislodge particles and phosphates from the tile and rock, allowing the cleaner to come in and take care of the rest. It’s important to do this right after the rain stops even if the surface looks clean when it’s overcast, as algae-causing components stick to the surface invisibly and bloom and germinate in sunlight, causing problems if untreated. So scrub the pool to dislodge those components so the cleaner can close things out like Billy Wagner used to do for the Astros.
  • Liquid chlorine: Sometimes a lot of rain and debris can give your water a hazy look. While the IntelliChem System will balance the pH and chlorine levels to reduce the haze, that pace can be quickened by dumping a bit of liquid chlorine in your pool. A small addition of liquid chlorine will help jumpstart the balancing process of the IntelliChem and get your pool ready-to-swim quicker than a chlorine disk and a lot quicker than a shock.

We’ll delve more into algae next week as our series continues, then end up with an article about how rain and moist ground affects out-of-pool elements such as decks and flagstone.

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