Rain and Ultimate Pools: Dealing with algae


This is Part Four of our series on rain and moisture and how it affects the pool-building and maintenance process of Ultimate Pools. To access the first three parts, click here.

Algae is something that can be beneficial in nature, as it serves as a generator of oxygen and also provides a necessary food source for fish and other underwater creatures. It can also turn into beautiful offshoots of kelp and other seaweeds in ocean waters. But when algae gets in your pool, it can be annoying at best and make your pool dangerous and completely unswimmable at worst.

Unfortunately, Tropical Storm Bill has brought even more rain to this area. While it could have been worse, another side effect of all of the rain we’ve seen is an increase of algae in pools. Algae can enter pools in a variety of ways, from being blown in by the rain and wind to germinating from phosphates that accumulate on the rock and plaster of the surface to blooming from bacteria and dirt that’s brought into the pool by┬áhumans. Algae can turn your crystal clear pool murky and green. Maybe not as green as your grass is right now after all of this rain, but green enough to bum you out.

At Ultimate Pools, we have a few services we offer for a fee upon installation of your pool. Not only do we have the IntelliChem System that maintains the pH and chlorine levels of the pool at levels that dissuade algae growth, but we also offer Del Ozone ozonators that sanitize your water with minimal chemicals and Maytronics Dolphin cleaners that brush and get rid of debris from the surface of your pool.

These products do a great job of keeping your pool swimmable, but they aren’t cure-alls and need a little do-it-yourself help from you, the homeowner. If you want to make sure that your water is clean and clear and your surface is clear of the green, slimy algae that makes your pool’s bottom and sides feel more like the bottom of a lake than a beautiful centerpiece to your backyard, there are a couple of things you can do to help win the war on algae.

1. Scrub your pool: Algae is a tricky opponent, a lot like the agents from the movie The Matrix. One moment algae is invisible and all seems well and hunky dory. But with a trigger (most notably the sun), algae makes itself known and blooms on the surface and in the water of your pool.

Just like the agent in the clip above, algae is nearly impossible to detect until it blooms. But you can “unplug” the algae by scrubbing the sides of your pool. Instead of invisibly adhering to your walls and being out of reach of your cleaner, a good, hard scrub — especially when it’s overcast right after a shower — breaks down the phosphates and releases the algae particles into the water, where they can be broken down and cleaned up by the IntelliChem or your cleaner. And scrubbing can be fun — pretend you’re a Zamboni resurfacing an ice rink in between periods of a hockey game. If you do this a few times a week, you’ll stay ahead of the algae.

2. Pour out a little liquid chlorine: The most damaging part of rain when it comes to algae growth and bloom is the fact that a heavy shower or thunderstorm can disrupt the pH and chlorine levels. The addition of rain water dilutes the chlorine, allowing algae to sit in a perfect marinade, ready to bloom once the sun comes out.

The IntelliChem System is designed to keep your chlorine and pH levels in balance to hinder algae growth, among other things. But a potent rainstorm can add time to that balancing process. Therefore, pouring out a little liquid chlorine for your homies (into your pool of course) can jumpstart the balancing process and allow the IntelliChem to get you back into the safety zone quicker. While the algae that is there already won’t necessarily die off at that point (add step 1 to help with that), it won’t multiply pre-bloom.

Stick with us as we finish the rain series with a look at how it effects outside-of-pool elements such as decks and stone. And hope for no more tropical storms in the meantime!

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