IntelliFlo® VF pumps are a convenient money saver

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One of the most overlooked, yet important, aspects to a swimming pool is the water pump. Being able to pump new, fresh water into a pool keeps your pool crystal clear and healthy to swim in. But the process of pumping water can be a costly one, both in terms of electricity costs and in terms of needing to get the pump replaced down the road.

Pentair has come up with a solution with its IntelliFlo® VF pump, a variable flow pump which allows homeowners to control the speed and pressure of the water flow in their pool through their smartphone or computer, allowing them to set and change the settings of the water flow. This is in contrast to the standard variable speed pumps, which have to be set and run manually by the user. That means the user has to be able to figure out the speed and flow through the water pump by themselves.

But the ease of managing the IntelliFlo® is just one of the perks of this new technology, which Ultimate Pools will install for a fee on a new pool or retrofit to an old pool. The IntelliFlo® variable flow pump is a product that helps the homeowner in three other areas.

1. Saving on electricity costs: The efficient flow of the variable flow pump and the ease you can control that flow through your devices takes a considerable chunk out of your electricty bill. Instead of being subject to one or two flow speeds in a pump and having to run the pump several times in a day, you can simply turn on an IntelliFlo® pump once a day and adjust from a high number of speed and flow levels.

This savings this causes adds up quickly. Instead of spending $3.47 a day in electricity costs to run a pump in your pool, it costs roughly 50 cents a day to use the variable flow pump, a savings of nearly three dollars a day! That adds up to $1,084 of electricity savings a year, which almost covers the cost of installing the IntelliFlo®. By year two, that cost is paid off, and by year 5 (which is the standard life of a standard pump) you have enough to take a family vacation.

As far as longevity goes, that’s another reason why we’re high on variable flow pumps.

2. They’ll last for a decade, and then some: Like we said before, a typical water pump lasts around five years before it needs to be replaced. Pentair’s IntelliFlo® variable speed pumps have lasted over 15 years in tests, which means that your newly installed IntelliFlo® variable flow pump will likely be the only water pump you’ll ever need for your pool. That peace of mind, coupled with the money saved on electricity, is a nice thing to have in your back pocket.

3. The pump can regulate itself: With the smart technology of the IntelliFlo® variable pump, a pump can tell when it needs to speed up or, more importantly, ramp down its output. One of the main problems with standard water pumps and variable speed water pumps is that they can break in high pressure situations. They are reliant on you to be able to tell when there’s high pressure in the pump to turn it down and if you don’t identify that, you can subject your pump to breaking or getting excess wear that causes further damage down the road.

The IntelliFlo® variable pump can sense when there’s too much pressure based on set settings and take the necessarily steps to preserve itself. It can also tell when its filters need to be cleaned and notify of that. The IntelliFlo® takes logs of these occurrences and keeps records of the up times and down times of the pump for future use.

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