Decking: The companies we use

The pool and spa get most of the attention during our installations, but decking really ties your new pool together. While we’ve had plenty of articles about the installation and upkeep of swimming pools and hot tubs (please feel free to peruse the website to enjoy this content), we haven’t had much on decking. But that’s about to change.

We’ll jump into the deep end (pun intended) in terms of decking the next couple of weeks. While we’ll get into the nuts and bolts of decking in our next article, in this article you’ll learn about the companies we work with and the products and services that they provide. We hope this article can be a resource in your decking research. Search the websites of the companies we use to figure out what kind of tile/coping/stone, etc., you’d like surrounding your pool.

So here we go.

pool edge

Decking partners of Ultimate Pools

Stone: We use three companies to provide stone for your deck. They are Model Stone, Champions Stone and A&A Stone. These are our go-tos when it comes to flagstone, but there are plenty of stones to choose from. Oklahoma Wister is a popular style and can be found at these companies.

Tile and coping: Before getting into the companies that provide these services, let’s describe what coping is. When looking at the picture above, coping is the stone border in between the pool and the rest of the deck. That border also goes over the edge and toward the water, where the coping meets the tile. We utilize Master Tile and Noble Tile Houston for these elements. Check out the Pool and Spa Division at Master Tile when looking for the perfect tile and coping.

Pavers and decoration: Pavers help durability by serving as a sturdy foundation to your deck. There are two main pavers, cement pavers and stone pavers, which are also known as travertine. Belgard is our source for cement pavers, while Keystone provides stone pavers. As far as colors and decoration, Proline Stamps has accents that will cap off your decking experience.

Check out the options on these websites to figure out exactly what you want in your decking. We’ll get it done from there.

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