Taylor sureTRACK test strips gives a water reading in seconds

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After a long, grueling day, there’s nothing you want to do more than hop in your pool for a quick swim or soak in your sauna. But you want to make sure that your pool and sauna are at the appropriate chemical levels for doing that. With the Taylor sureTRACK test strips, you can get accurate chemical readings in the matter of seconds without any gadgetry.

The Taylor sureTRACK test strips come in the sureTRACK-4 and the sureTRACK-6 varieties. The sureTRACK-4 monitors the basic chemicals that contribute to determining whether water is safe for swimming, as it has color-coded indicators for determining levels of free chlorine and bromine along with pH and total alkalinity levels. The sureTRACK-6 tests for the above factors but also has tests for water hardness and for the amount of cynaric acid. Either way, the sureTRACK test strips are handy items for testing the chemical quality and safety of your water.

Along with that, they are easy to use. How easy? This is how to use the sureTRACK test strips.

  • Immerse the strip pads into water: As the linked brochure specifies, try not to do this test around a chemical feeder or dead zone, as that can give you a skewed result. Just find a place in your pool away from filters or feeders and dip the test strip pads into water until it is completely immersed.
  • Hold the strip horizontally while the chemical reactions take place: It takes roughly 20 seconds for the readings to settle into the correct zones, which is nice and quick.
  • Compare the color on the strip to the corresponding color key: Once the chemical reading settles, each indicator will be a certain color. Compare those colors to the included color key to get the readings. Each color will have a numeric value attributed to it, along with the recommended safe specs for each test.

From there, you can use the readings to find the desired balance in your water. The sureTRACK allows you to buy one set of strips instead of multiple sets of strips and the container prevents moisture from seeping in and compromising unused strips, giving them a shelf life of up to two years. These strips are available for a fee, so ask us about sureTRACK today!

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