Ozonated Water: The fuel for Ultimate Pools

ultimate pools water
While Ultimate Pools takes considerable pride in its cutting-edge pool designs and technology, we also realize that the most important part of making a pool a backyard oasis is what’s inside the pool. We pride ourselves on having crystal-clear water with minimal chemicals, leaving your pool looking clean and feeling clean against your skin. That’s why we use ozonated water.

Ozonating our water, which we do via Del Ozone products, allows us to fill your pool with refreshing, oxygenated water that has far less chlorine than standard swimming pools. It’s also easier to maintain, especially with the Intellichem System that we offer with each pool installation. The Intellichem system (which we will detail more in later entries) is a computerized, smart system that treats your pool water with minimal chemicals while breaking down the bacteria, viruses and fungi that can accumulate, keeping you healthy and feeling good on those hot summer days.

We also use ozonated water for our bottled water, which we donate to charities and community organizations for them to sell for fundraising purposes. While the process for our ozonated drinking water isn’t exactly the same as it is for the ozonated pool water (for obvious reasons), the Pura Flo system we use to bottle our water makes it a clean, tasty beverage on a hot Texas afternoon. So if you’re around the area and you see bottled water with the Ultimate Pools label at a community event, pick one up and taste the ozonated water difference!

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