Adjustable actuators help regulate your water flow

There are few things more calming than sitting back in your pool and watching water trickle peacefully from your waterfall into the pool below. But sometimes that trickle isn’t going to quite fit the mood. That’s where getting adjustable actuators comes into play.

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Adjustable actuators are a multi-faceted tool

An adjustable actuator allows the user to control their water flow experience through a valve that can be adjusted via smart systems. The actuator we use is the IntelliValve from Pentair. The IntelliValve fits on any equipment pad and is compatible with smart systems such as IntelliFlo. But what is the difference between an adjustable actuator and a regular actuator?

A typical valve actuator has two main modes: On and off. Either you have the water on a previously determined setting or turn it off completely with very little variation. You can make a 180-degree change, a 90-degree change, or none at all. It’s a standard valve with very little variation between modes. Adjustable actuators give the use more power over the amount of water that is being used and allows you to alter the type of flow. Unleash the flow to 100 percent of its capability or dial it down to 25 or 40 percent at your discretion. There are a lot more possibilities with an adjustable actuator.

An adjustable actuator allows you to distribute water flow to multiple places. If you want your waterfall to flow at 80 percent capacity, then direct the remaining 20 percent into the pool. And getting multiple adjustable actuators to pair with your water features provides even more options. Program your weeping wall to 30 percent, have your bubblers gushing at 80 percent and your waterfall going at 55 percent. The possibilities are endless, with each actuator contributing to your pool’s vibe.

The smart capability of the actuator allows it to work in concert with lighting, as well. Pair attractive lighting to balancing your water features to make your pool a fun place to unwind after work.

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