Prowler 920 is the next generation of robotic cleaners

Robotic cleaners are essential in keeping your swimming pool clean and clear of debris. That’s why we at Ultimate Pools are proud to offer Pentair’s newest cleaner, the Prowler 920. It uses a safe, low-voltage control unit to motor around the surface of your pool instead of relying on water power. That, plus its many brushes and mobility, make the Prowler 920 the next wave on the robotic cleaner market.

Want to find out more about the Prowler? Read below.

Inside the Pentair Prowler 920

The biggest difference between the Prowler and your typical suction cleaner is the process in which it moves. Suction cleaners use a water aspiration system that derives power from the pool’s plumbing. The pressure from the main filter pump and booster pump in the cleaner sucks water from the pool and sends it back through the return line. That water activates the gears in the turbine, which motors the cleaner like gears motor a wristwatch. During this process, an aspirating effect allows the cleaner to “suck” debris from water and send it into the cleaner.

Sounds kind of complicated, doesn’t it? Well, it kind of is, and there are a lot of parts that have to be maintained. You have to pay for the pump, cleaner and plumbing to use a suction cleaner, all elements that are unnecessary with the Prowler 920. It uses 12 volts of safe power to motor around the surface of the pool instead of depending on the power of the water pumps. The voltage is low enough and safe enough to take electrocution out of play, and you need less overall power to operate the cleaner.

Along with the electricity/power elements, here are some other benefits of the Prowler 920:

  • Multiple brushes: The Prowler has multiple brushes that not only cleans the present loose debris, but scrubs to expose more debris from the surface. While you’ll still need to scrub the surface of your pool on occasion, the Prowler will make those scrubbings less frequent.
  • Mobility: Along with having the multiple brushes, the Prowler can travel places other cleaners can’t. Instead of being confined to the bottom of the pool, the cleaner can climb the walls of the pool. From there, it can use its multiple brushes to clean the tile line. This provides a more comprehensive cleaning and also limits the amount of scrubbing you need to do along the walls.
  • Able to handle more debris: The Prowler has a top-loading basket to catch debris such as leaves, which provides a more complete cleaning experience than a suction cleaner. It also has a smaller basket for finer debris. In addition, it has two liners — including a pleated line that filters water in the cleaner — which makes for a more complete cleaning. While you’ll still need to skim your pool from time to time, the Prowler will help pick up what you can’t skim. It’s also easy to remove the accumulated debris from the cleaner.

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