Keep mosquitoes at bay with MistAway

With their buzzing and biting — and the aftermath of those bites — mosquitoes are extremely annoying. What’s also annoying is having to pack canisters of bug spray for a simple walk out to your swimming pool. This is especially true this time of the year, as the seasons start to change but the mugginess remains.

There is a solution to the mosquito problem that doesn’t involve bathing in Deep Woods OFF! though. MistAway Systems in Houston has come up with several mosquito-killing systems that kill mosquitoes in and around your yard for good.

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Killing mosquitoes for good

The problem with mosquitoes is that they never seem to go away. No matter how much bug spray you put on or how many bug zappers you position around the yard, they keep coming. What MistAway does is kill off a mosquito’s reproductive capabilities, eventually snuffing out their existence for good. So how does this work?

Before we get into what MistAway does, it’s important for you to know how mosquitoes become a problem in the first place. While living in the humid climate of Southeast Texas doesn’t help, there are things you can do to lessen the mosquito breeding area.

1. Soak up puddles and pools of standing water: Standing water is a prime breeding spot for mosquitoes, and having a couple of puddles in your backyard or around your house will cause a mosquito frenzy. Considering that mosquitoes can reproduce by the tens of thousands, do your best to identify places where water pools (perhaps areas where hoses drip) and keep them dry with sand and mulch.

2. Don’t overwater your plants: Plants make your yard and the area around your pool look great, but they can also be great breeding places for mosquitoes. Think spring break in Cancun and you get a good idea of how the combination of how moisture and dirt can trigger the mosquito population. So be a bit conservative with your watering and be sure to also make sure that you don’t leave standing water in any pots. While you’re at it, also make sure you drain your watering can completely. Any excess water is a bad thing.

Systemically killing mosquitoes

There are two types of systems that we install from MistAway — one with a 55-gallon drum and the Gen III. The drum can be purchased with an agitator that mixes up the chemicals, while the Gen III mixes a batch every time the chemicals are spread. Both systems send out a dosage of chemicals through small tubing to nozzles situated throughout the yard. Those nozzles spray repellent into the air, which is consumed by the mosquitoes that are encircling the pool.

Mosquitoes are not able to fly very far, about 100 feet or so, so they won’t be able to get where they need to go to reproduce (especially if you get rid of the breeding areas in your yard mentioned above). Slowly but surely, the mosquito population will dwindle down to zero. It takes about a month or so for all of the local mosquitoes to come to your pool, get infected with the repellent, and meet their demise. It’s pretty nice once they meet their demise, though. Spray at dusk and dawn for maximum exposure and effectiveness and get nozzles with a check valve to prevent dripping. The spray also helps kill off annoying bugs and spiders, too.

The chemicals of MistAway

So what chemicals does MistAway use to kill mosquitoes? Riptide is the primary one. It is a water-based solution that mixes with botanical pyrethrum to provide a solution that incapacitates and kills mosquitoes. Pyrethrum is an extract from a white daisy that creates a poison that kills all sorts of flying pests. In layman’s terms, Riptide is the Advil and pyrethrum is the ibuprofen within the Advil that cures everything.

Riptide isn’t the only insecticide one can place in the MistAway. Spectrum is another option you can choose. The Spectrum repellents are a purely chemical version of insect killer if you prefer to go that route.

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